● Dancers must be in the club at least 25 minutes before the work begins
● A “bad mood” is better left outside and the dancers in the club are radiant and smiling all the time
● Please do not forget to check in and out of the computer at the beginning and at the end of work
● While dancing:
― It is important how elegant and erotic you look on stage, the acrobatic elements on the pole are secondary, because it is mainly about the visual contact with the guests in order to sell them other services such as PRIVATE DANCE
― The main point of our program is the SHOWER SHOW. Your most important task is to awaken the customer’s imagination and for this it is enough to move erotically in the shower. Experience has shown that a good performance in the shower is particularly helpful in promoting the sale of private dances – a strong argument!
― After the end of the 3 song set, the dancer has a 10 minute break to relax.
● Selling in the hall is the most important part of the work, because most of the money can be earned right here through direct contact with the guests. This includes:
― Selling drinks: in our club, the dancers are both managers and waitresses, because it helps them to establish a relaxed contact with the guests and also to sell their own company or private dance
― Champagne in the VIP LOUNGE
― Selling extra SHOWS on the big stage
● The best promoters of sales are: an erotic dance, a radiant smile, and the ability to easily come into contact – a saleswoman’s talent
● At the end of the working day, it is important to leave the changing room in a tidy condition and to take out the rubbish or leftover food