The most important thing we expect from a dancer is the correct and professional attitude especialy when flirting with the client. We attach particular importance to this, because it happens again and again that dancers look good but their seduction skills are not at the level. In such cases it is rather difficult for dancers to sell private dances and drinks because they lack the ability to arouse interest and curiosity in the customer.

The customers in Hamburg are rather convenient, they rarely come to the girls themselves to buy something and it is usually necessary for the dancer to approach them, to wake up their interest and to inspire the customers for shows or services. What is most popular with customers is not the style of a RESPECTABLE LADY, but much more that of a NEXT DOOR GIRL FRIEND.

During the week it is more difficult to make money for the dancers who have difficulties with supporting a celebrating group of clients with drinks or champagne. That is why we are looking for girls who can sell not only private dances but also drinks for VIP and can support a happy society.

At the weekend, on the other hand, private dances are much more in demand than drink sales because it is mostly young men and bachelor parties. In the middle of the week there are fewer private dances, but lots of drinks and champagne, because it mostly the time of businessmen.

We concretely support the sale of private dances and champagne by the dancers, but also the sale of simple drinks such as beer or wine and everything has its price. We mainly work with universal and professional dancers with whom communication skills are very high and it is them who earn the most money.

We value quality also when it comes to clothing and shoes, they are all very important!

You are at the right place in our club if the following qualities apply to you:

  • You are a polite positive person who cares a lot the appearance too
  • You love to dance
  • You enjoy meeting and talking to new people and know to have fun and to keep guests and yourself in a good mood. You know to catch their interest and how to sell private dances and drinks
  • You have a sense of humor and can handle it professionally if for some reason the customer refuses to communicate with you
  • You intend to make really good money and take full advantage of the opportunities available in the club

In some countries, the dancers are used that the services and drinks are sold by management or ordered directly by customers. It is not the case with us and we ask the dancers to refrain from applications for whom it is the only acceptable way of working. In our club you are 35% dancer and 65% an active saleswoman, so it is more difficult to make money for girls who are convenient and cannot sell. However, if you know how to deal with customers, you could make really good money with us.