The stage shows are danced by all dancers alternating. They continue for some 7 minutes each with 3-4 minutes breaks between the shows. Usually, a dancer will do a stage show about every 40 minutes, i.e. about 10 times a night. It is the case during the week when about 5 dancers work. At the weekend, we hire around 10 dancers and there are around 7-8 stage shows for each night for each dancer.

The show is meant to attract as many customers as possible to the tip$ zone, which is set up around the stage. Customers may only enter this zone with the special tip$ dollar bills, which are sold to each guest at the entrance. In this way every customer has something for the dancers and can go into the tip$ zone to “play” with the dancers.

Our dancers are managers and waitresses in the same time and their tasks include addressing the customers, welcoming them and offering them a drink, but later also removing the empty dishes.