The clientele between Monday and Thursday are less than on the weekend, but mostly businessmen (good clients for consummation). Work is focused more on sales (consummation) of champagne than on private dance, so elegant communication and entertainment must be offered. Incomes during these days are always different.

On the weekends club becomes almost always full with customers, mostly party people (stag parties), but also few businessmen, so in the weekends work is focused more on private dances, but also on champagne. Weekends require good shows and entertainment, but also elegant communication.

Club’s work system is based on active and entertaining communication with the club customers. Dancers and their shows must be cheerful and inventive. Interesting different costumes, choreography, theme-‐shows and individual shows are warmly welcome.


If dancer breaches the conditions and rules or deliberately fails to meet the requirements club is entitled to terminate your contract unilaterally.

Also, contract may be terminated by the club unilaterally if club has warned the dancer regarding her mistakes, but dancer ignores the warnings and does not correct her mistakes. Hereby few examples of requirements unfulfillment of which may be read as a mistake (not complete list):

-‐ during dance shows dancer has to smile;

-‐ dancer has to avoid discontented expressions and sad face in presence of customers;

-‐ dancer must not be drunk;

-‐ dancer must not use drugs (any serious suspicion of using drugs is a major problem);

-‐ dancer must not skip her stage shows and shower shows;

-‐ dancer’s skills, shape (fitness condition) and motivation must be good enough to be able to perform shows in accordance to club’s standards;

-‐ if there is at least 1 client in the club, then all dancers must be in the club on the dance floor (not to “hide” in dressing room or smoking);

-‐ dancer must do her best efforts to be friendly, smiling, talkative (quality of communication plays important role) and entertaining with each client;

-‐ dancer should spend as little as possible time alone and should be as much as possible with the customers;

-‐ dancer should avoid any racial or physical antipathy and has to show respect towards every guest, regardless of the financial situation of the customer;

-‐ dancer may not have any sexual contact with the clients in the club and beyond the club, prostitution and all kinds of sex affairs with clients are strictly forbidden;

-‐ dancer must stand for club’s good name and reputation, it is not allowed to damage club’s image and reputation by making negative statements (for example it is forbidden to speak to clients or in their presence that dancer’s salary is little, that there are not enough clients, etc.) or by speaking about sexual services (for example it is forbidden to speak to clients or in their presence about any sexual services, to offer any sexual services, nor to mention any other dancers offering sexual services, etc.);

-‐ dancer must never cheat customer.


Club guarantees and perform that dancer work in the Club is clean, safe and legal, there is no prostitution nor escort service in the Club, it is forbidden to touch (paw), insult and harass the dancers.