● We only engage citizens of the European Union
● The first contract is possible from 4 days up to 2 weeks
● We guarantee working conditions according to all the laws of Germany
● From our part we will do everything in order for our cooperation to be successful and if any controversial issues appear, they will be solved professionally and to the mutual advantage.


If dancer breaches the conditions and rules or deliberately fails to meet the requirements club is entitled to terminate your contract unilaterally. Hereby few examples of requirements unfulfillment of which may be read as a mistake (not complete list):

-‐ during dance shows dancer has to smile;

-‐ dancer has to avoid discontented expressions and sad face in presence of customers;

-‐ dancer must not skip her stage shows and shower shows;

-‐ dancer’s skills, shape (fitness condition) and motivation must be good enough to be able to perform shows in accordance to club’s standards;

-‐ dancer should spend as little as possible time alone and should be as much as possible with the customers;

-‐ dancer should avoid any racial or physical antipathy and has to show respect towards every guest, regardless of the financial situation of the customer;