We pay 50€ per night in cash or to the account, including health insurance and all taxes provided for by German law.

There are two variants: 40/50 or 20/30 percent

Concerning the guaranteed fixed daily fee, we pay 10 € gross per hour, the net fee depends on the working days and the special taxation in accordance with the laws of the German state, including health insurance and all statutory fees. We usually prefer to pay the fixed fees to the account, for foreign dancers who don’t have an account we make an exception and pay it cash after deduction of the tax. Usually it comes to 50€ per day, the fluctuations depend on the number of working hours.

Attention: We only accept Euro Union passports! Mere residence or work permits for a country of the European Union other than Germany are not enough, because with such a visa a dancer can only work in this specific country and not in Germany.

After completing the questionnaire and confirming the arrival dates, we expect the dancer to send an arrival confirmation within 3 to 5 days in the form of a digital copy of the tickets. If this does not happen, the club has the right to terminate the agreement and to propose the place to another candidate without additional warning.


Club pays at the end of the contract / month. Payments in advance 1 x weekly are also possible, amount after agreement.